Brad Thies

Brad Thies:

While attending college at the University of Dubuque I was a Business major, I still hadn't had the slightest clue on what I wanted to do, until the day a friend of mine on the cross country team needed someone to run with one morning. I was never much of a runner before this but on that day, something happened and I quickly became addicted to running and from that point on decided to change over to a Wellness Major…and join the cross country team. I was introduced to CrossFit while in Nashville by a trainer who currently runs CrossfitMT. I never saw anything like it, it covers all domains of fitness, its functional, and people have fun doing it how could you go wrong? I’ve been in the fitness industry for 8+ years and have worked with athletes all levels, from your everyday Joe looking for a break from life to elderly clients working to maintain mobility and strength. I love doing and teaching CrossFit because it constantly varies, unlike most regimens where you come in sluggish and go through the same old chest arm routine. With CrossFit, it’s like an amusement park for the fitness enthusiast, you can jump, run, row, throw, etc. Together we are looking forward to providing teambuilding challenging and rewarding workouts.


CrossFit Level One (CF-L1 Trainer)
CrossFit Endurance Certificate
CrossFit Mobility Certificate


Favorite Quote "I'm going to work so that it's a pure guts race at the end, and if it is, I am the only one who can win it." Steve Prefontaine

Favorite Workout: Barbara

Favorite exercise: Up for any surprise

Least Favorite: rest days!

Goals for the year

Run a sub 4:30 mile and deadlift 500lbs in the same day

And to convince women they can do pull-ups, it’s not impossible ladies!

Tony Summer

Tony Summer
Tony Summer

Also a Dubuque Native, I graduated from Loras College in 2010 with a business and finance degree. After going through the motions of looking for a finance job upon graduating, there was one passion of mine that kept me coming back for more… Fitness. Having played sports throughout my childhood, I knew I enjoyed the competitive outlet of sports and wanted to stay involved in some form of competition after graduating from college and also pursue a career that I would enjoy waking up for in the morning.

After personal training for three years I discovered Crossfit in 2012 after coach Brad put a bug in my ear of this “new” style of working out that was extremely intense, a ton of fun and furthermore, would push me to get better in ways i never had even thought of. At the time, I enjoyed lifting weights (mostly arms, chest and back) and did some form of cardiovascular training just to keep the ticker healthy. My first completed cross fit workout was Murph:

One mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and then another mile run!

Although at the time it wasn't realized, this would go on to be my favorite type of a Crossfit workout going forward, the long grinder type, where mental strength wins all. My favorite quote about Crossfit has and will always be that the greatest adaptation or change takes place between the ears.

Favorite Exercise: Deadlift

Favorite Workout: Linda


CrossFit Level One (CF-L1 Trainer)

Crossfit Mobility certificate

Crossfit Goal Setting certificate

Crossfit Olympic lifting certificate

Certified in; Personal training, Nutritional Counseling and weight loss specialist

In training for: Certified Health Coach



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