CrossFit WOD, October 14, 2021


Handstand Walk (5 min)
5 Min Intentioanl Practice on Handstand Skills
Tripods/kicking up to wall, controlled negatives…
Rope Climb (5 Min)
5 Min Work on J-hook/S-hook skills and knees to elbows on the rope to assist with climbs

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
23 Min AMRAP
25 Wall Ball (20/14)(14/10)
1 Down and Back Walking Lunge
4 Rope Climbs
25 GHD Sit Ups

Goals in today’s workout:
Find a modification to the wall ball which allows you to push for one set each round
Walking Lunges: no weight, same standard as prior.
Rope Climbs: Can be modified to 1/2 rope climb, 10-12 Chin Ups, Seated Banded Pulls, Reverse grip ring rows.
GHD: Modify to weighted plate sit ups (25/15) or 15 Hanging Straight leg raises (no kip)