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Welcome to CrossFit Restoration. We’re a community-oriented CrossFit Affiliate and an extension of Volv Fitness in the Millwork District of Dubuque. We accommodate all skill levels, from beginners who have never done CrossFit to athletes who regularly compete. At CrossFit Restoration, we lift everyone up together.

Our Memberships

We have a variety of memberships for any style of workout for all fitness levels.


For the weekend warriors or the heavy hitters, our general membership includes access to free weights, cardio equipment, our saunas, and a variety of free classes. This package has everything you need plus a little more.

CrossFit + Fitness

This membership is for our members dedicated to their fitness journey, looking for a community to help push each other to the next level. This membership includes everything in the general fitness package plus access to our CrossFit facility and classes.

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Our Coaches

Our coaches are all CrossFit certified and ready to help you reach your fitness goals.

Chris Puetz

Head CrossFit Coach

Kelsey Foley

Level 1 CrossFit Coach

mark hennessy portrait
Mark Hennessy

level 1 CrossFit Coach

Brett Bower

level 1 CrossFit Coach

Reagan Friend

level 1 CrossFit Coach

Nick Wylie

level 1 CrossFit Coach

Brad Thies

level 1 CrossFit Coach

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Our Members

Don’t take it from us. Our members have a lot to say about CrossFit Restoration.

The reason I chose Crossfit Restoration was not because of the muscle-ups, double unders, and thrusters. I joined Crossfit Restoration because I was tired of following the social norms of fitness. Spending two hours in the gym, hitting a couple sets then resting for 2 minutes, walking on a treadmill, and then heading to the sauna. There’s nothing wrong with this type of fitness, but it was just not for me anymore. Crossfit Restoration not only allows me to maximize my strength and conditioning potential, but it provides a community of people who are welcoming and encouraging. As someone who is new to Dubuque, I needed this and I am so thankful for the friendships Crossfit Restoration has already brought me. We are a fun and hardworking bunch.

Jace Glynn

CrossFit Member, 6 Months

I joined Crossfit Restoration having never lifted weights in my life and never sticking with a gym or workout program for more than a few months. I was so bored with what I had been doing I thought, I’ll try this for 30 days. That was 5 years ago and I’ve never considered going anywhere or doing anything else since. I love this gym, the people, and the coaches. It has completely changed the way I look at fitness and my own body. I work out to be strong and eat well to feel good, not to hit a number on a scale and that has been a game changer! Every day is different, it’s hard, it’s fun, and it’s exactly what I needed.

tabitha alden at crossfit

Tabitha Alden

CrossFit Member, 5 Years

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